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Bancroft specializes in professional, innovative and cost-effective website solutions for medical professionals. Each website includes a responsive, medical website created for you, server hosting, unique text, customized and licensed photos, SSL, SEO, ongoing updates, and so much more.

All for only $350 per month! No set-up, no commitment, no cancellation fees!

Built Right

We complete all aspects of setting up and configuring your server; including, installing and configuring software, SSL encryption, patch management, system maintenance, and monitoring. Hosting also includes backups, load balancing, disaster recovery, as well as security processes including vulnerability scans, intrusion detection (ID) and DDoS (distributed denial of service) prevention and mitigation.
An IP address is to a website as a phone number is to a phone. Your phone number allows you to reach others with confidence and security. Imagine if you had to share your number with 1000s of others (as with shared hosting)… the odds that you could make a call or receive a message are non-existent. A dedicated IP address makes your site a standalone “real” website and gives it the protection and credibility it needs for search engine ranking.
SSL stands for “secure sockets layer” and is a form of security for websites that handle sensitive information such as customer names, phone numbers, medication information, and more. You will know that a website is secured by SSL encryption if you see a padlock icon in the URL address bar. The layer of SSL protection is vitally important to anyone with a medical industry website and is essential to ongoing HIPAA compliance.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a framework composed of a number of rules to create a website that is easy for both users and search engine robots to understand. Correct SEO helps the search engines figure out what each page is about and how it may be useful for users. These rules are integrated into the initial design to improve the website’s search engine ranking and help it receive the benefits of increased traffic and visibility.

Built For You

We create everything for you!

We collect design and contact information from you at sign up… from there, we assemble every aspect of your website. Your site is fully functioning when it is turned over to you. In addition, we complete all adds/moves/changes for you as long as you have a website with us. We maintain all aspects of your website so that you can concentrate on your practice!

  • Provide and/or edit text for sections and services pages
  • Purchase, size and install licensed images
  • Format and install custom contact, appointment and testimonial forms
  • Integrate and/or link to social media accounts
  • Link to outside patient portal accounts
  • Add pages and/or alter text for you as requested

Built To Last

The only constant in the world of websites is that the rules will change! Because of this, we are continuously updating the server parameters, SEO coding and design formats; thus, our websites are innovative and up to date through every stage of their life.

We consistently monitor to ensure that the software, protocols and firewalls are up to date and functioning at all times.

We periodically update the images and design style depending upon the demands of technology and professional dictates.
We update necessary code to ensure that the design style continues to work properly within the demands of current technology and search engines requirements.

All for only $350 per month!

No set-up fee. No commitment. No termination fee. NO RISK!

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What to Expect from the Process

Understanding how busy you are, we attempt to make the process from purchase to turnover as easy and straightforward as possible.





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To get started… simply choose your industry, add to cart and complete the payment information.  When completed, you will receive a receipt as well as additional information on the creation process.


Within 24 hours, we will send you a PDF version of our proprietary questionnaire. This questionnaire will ask for your contact information, design preferences and individual practice details.


We take over from here… During this process we configure your server, add your domain name and SSL, and create and/or edit your website text and images. This process typically takes 5 to 10 days.


We will turn over everything as soon as it is completed. You will receive all of your website details as well as the login information for the support system to submit any future add, move or change requests.

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All for only $350 per month!

No set-up fee. No commitment. No termination fee. NO RISK!

Choose your Industry

Choose Your Industry

Complete website design, hosting and maintenance programs for medical professionals… all for only $350 per month.

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Bancroft has been a pleasure to work with. They made it so simple to have a website created that represents our office in the professional manner that we continually strive for. I cannot believe how many advertisements we receive for web designers; and, honestly, chose Bancroft because we did not have to pay a huge set up or creation fee and could cancel any time. It took a lot of the risk out of the decision and we are so happy! We highly recommend Bancroft!
Sarah T., Physical Therapy
So happy! All of the images on my website are clear and line up. The text is clean and organized. All of my forms work. All of the links work. I had to do everything on my last website and it just never looked quite right (I am talented but web design is not my thing)… I will tackle cleaning a horse’s teeth over adding a new page to my website any day! Bancroft has been wonderful and created the website that I had always dreamed of for me. One less problem to stress about!
Suzy W., Veterinary
Bancroft made the process of website development for our new practice easier than we could have ever imagined. In less than a week our wonderful website was impressing our existing clients and attracting new ones. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with this world class team.
Sean M., Dental

Bancroft did a great job! I can’t say enough about their excellent work.

Robert M., Veterinary
The great people at Bancroft created a fantastic website for my office. The process from sign up to delivery was very easy. They walked me through the entry questionnaire and then took care of everything from there. My website was up and running in 4 days!!! They continue to maintain my site and every time I need something changed it is done by the next day if not before. I would definitely recommend them to any dentist looking for an online presence.
Janice T., Dental
My practice has been working with Bancroft for over a year. We are still only paying $350 per month and still very happy. I have noticed that they modify our website every few months… pictures and layout. It keeps everything fresh and professional. Changes are submitted online and typically completed right away. The website makes is very easy for patients to learn about my practice and requests appointments. I strongly recommend!
James N., Veterinary
I am very pleased with my choice and strongly recommend Bancroft as a top quality website development and hosting company.
Terry S., Psychiatry

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